Building Better Blockchain Businesses with Crowdholding

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Crowdholding is a decentralized open innovation platform empowering anyone to earn cryptocurrency, and entrepreneurs to get insights from key stakeholders, employees and consumers. Join Crowdholding and start earning consumers, cryptocurrency or both.

Project Creation: A company needs feedback to improve their offering so they launch a project and pledge a reward in cryptocurrency.

Community Engagement: The company works directly with the most creative and passionate stakeholders whom we call Crowdholders.

Idea Validation: A crowd of key stakeholders, experts and consumers gives feedback on how to refine and develop the offering.

Reward Distribution: The crowd gets rewarded for the feedback with YUP & ERC20 tokens, and the company finds ways to improve on it.

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Earn cryptocurrencies by innovating businesses. Unleash your creativity and co-create great startups by giving ideas to entrepreneurs.

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