Datafund – Join The Privacy Awareness Campaign (PAC)

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Privacy Awareness Campaign: Datafund will allocate 30,000,000 DEX tokens. We intend to build a strong community and reward its members for spreading awareness about the ever-growing importance of data privacy and the Datafund project itself.

DEX allocation by Level

  • Level 1 40% of PAC pool (12,000,000 DEX tokens)
  • Level 2 45% of PAC pool (13,500,000 DEX tokens)
  • Level 3 15% of PAC pool (4,500,000 DEX tokens)

What is Datafund?

Datafund is a blockchain project with a vision to co-create the next level of the personal data economy based on responsibility and fairness. It’s a project in which we want to include individuals, companies, public institutions and non-profits to form the new ecosystem of personal data transactions.

For that purpose we are building a fully GDPR-compliant infrastructural layer and protocol for personal data management that guards personal data, provides safe storage and enables data exchange. Information is shared on the need-to-know basis according to an agreement between exchanging parties. 

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