– A fully automated crypto trade platform for Bittrex & Binance


GSMG Platform is a fully automated crypto trade platform for Bittrex and Binance. Built in a “Trustless” way and with a “pay-as-you-go” fee system.

The platform consists of 2 main components: The Market Analyzer and the Trade Engine.

The Trade Engine manages buy and sell orders on the exchange. It applies the same strategy to each of your selected markets:

The very first time it runs for one of your selected markets, it will place many (tens or hundreds) buy orders, taking careful heed of the predictions of the market analyzer. The total volume of base currency in these buy orders will correspond with the allocation percentages set by you in your account.

Friend referral: Please use the following link to share with your friends. When your friend successfully registers using this link, then your friend will receive 0.05 Ether GSMG fuel in addition to the default start fuel of 0.15 Ether. For every future deposit that your friend makes, you will receive 5% of that deposit as a referrer bonus in fuel or the equivalent in time.

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