Honeypod – The internet privacy revolution device

Airdrop Featured

Honeypod has multiple ways to become active within the community as well as helping us getting the word out. Become an active part of the Honeypod community today by signing up for the Honeypod Airdrop, Online Game “Capture the Data”, and Affiliate Program.

Honeypod will begin airdropping up to 200,000 tokens per day to our active Telegram users. By actively participating within our community, you have the opportunity to receive daily airdrops. Honeypod’s airdrop is gamified. Please read the guide to learn how to play and receive your daily airdropped tokens. 200k in daily airdrops to the community & 50 $HNY for each verified referrer.

You can also join Honeypod limited pre-order for the first 1,000 pods. Pre-order Price: $99 USD, entire package valued at over $15,000! Honeypod is a privacy focused device that connects to your internet connection to remove ads and tracking systems from your entire home network while also rewarding you for browsing the web.

Honeypod is so small it can fit in the palm of your hand. Simply connect Honeypod to your internet connection, watch it glow and begin protecting your entire home internet.

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