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Rate ICOs and earn BLSS tokens with ICObliss. Invite and earn unlimited rewards, earn up to 20% of your referral earnings. Stake your BLSS tokens on ICObliss to earn more, it is a simple process of transferring BLSS into your staking balance and locking it for a certain period of time. By staking BLSS, it unlocks more features and benefits on ICObliss such as being able to write reviews, participate in special promotions and earn more BLSS and XP per rating/review. More features and benefits will be added soon.

There are different staking levels, with each level having better benefits and rewards.

There is currently a special promotion where you will receive an Instant Bonus of BLSS that can be withdrawn anytime when you enable staking.

ICObliss is a community curated initial coin offering (ICO) ratings platform where ratings are given by the community. Through crowd intelligence, potential investors will have a more comprehensive and unbiased view about various ICOs. In return, the community is rewarded with BLSS tokens for their ratings.

We aim to bring more transparency to the ICO space and decentralize the way ICOs are rated.

ICObliss token (BLSS) is a utility token of ICObliss issued on the Waves blockchain platform which can be used within the ICObliss ecosystem. BLSS is a non-ICO token. The total supply of BLSS is fixed at 20 million with no further issuance.

BLSS is open for trading on the Waves decentralised digital asset exchange (DEX) against 11 currency pairs.

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