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The world’s first fully-functional blockchain telecom system where users enjoy quality mobile and data services all over the world and profit from the telco network growth.

TELE token is a digital means of connecting millions of people from all around the world and empowering them to enjoy quality telco services for a just price, retain their rights of privacy, and earn thanks to the unlimited potential of blockchain based assets and community effort.

By offering an ultimate and fully-functioning solution that fuses advanced telco features together with fintech tools, MiracleTele is setting the new standard in the mobile telecommunications industry—so that it becomes more competitive and innovative—and making it possible for the customers to receive rewards thanks to the blockchain technology and collaborative economy.

MiracleTele is reshaping the way in which the telecom industry works.

A telecom network for those who cherish their privacy rights and understand the power of Blockchain technology.

MiracleTele is a telecom company that lets you use high-quality and fairly priced mobile and Internet services all around the world in just one SIM card with no paperwork.

As an MVN operator, MiracleTele has agreements with dozens of local telecom providers all around the world, making it possible to minimize the infrastructure and branding costs and provide you with the most competitive call and browsing rates in the industry as well as completely bureaucracy free services.

MiracleTele MVNO network—which let us achieve operational cost-efficiency—is powered by an Ethereum blockchain grid. Emerging technologies allow us to protect your privacy rights, introduce a community based token that lets holders receive biweekly rewards, and ensure that all data is stored in an incorruptible way thanks to the use of smart contracts.

MiracleTele is fusing the best telecom industry practices together with the state-of-the-art fintech tools in order to empower you to enjoy telco services at the rates that no conventional telco operator can provide and earn thanks to untapped potential of blockchain technology.

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